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Abigail Hilton is the author of the Panamindorah universe stories, including The Guild of the Cowry Catchers series and The Prophet of Panamindorah series. Her other work includes Hunters Unlucky (YA) and Feeding Malachi (children's). She writes dark, crunch fantasy with sweet, sharp slivers of humor and redemption. Her podcast includes other people's work that she thinks you will enjoy, a weekly check-in with her listeners, and, of course, her own fiction.

Patreon has a "follow" option that you can use to follow a creator whom you're not supporting. You get any public posts (free posts) from that creator. So I will do at least one public podcast post per month over there. You'll get episodes more reliably, because I'll actually remember to post them. Go to The "Follow" button is on the left. I suggest you download the Patreon app to get a podcatcher-like experience.

The newest Jager Thunder excerpt is here -

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Well, we've had a good run here, but I feel that I need to either ramp this podcast back up or shut it down, and I think shutting it down is the right move. I am podcasting weekly over on Patreon - If you want all of my chatter and new fiction, that's the place to go. It costs $3 per month.

If you just want to keep up with me and hear about new releases and what I'm working on, subscribe to my mailing list. It costs nothing. There's a big button in the middle of my website at Or here's a direct link to the signup form.

If you have strong feelings about this, please email me - - and let me know your thoughts.

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This was recorded in Florence Italy in Nov, during a vacation with some of my closest friends. Mistie and I took some time in a room one evening to talk about alpha reading and my newest novel.

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I finished the new novel! That's as fast as I've ever written a book :-b I talk about writing and what I'm reading and give some NaNoWriMo advice.

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Patreon has an audio RSS feed now, folks. This means the audio I release over there drops into your podcatcher just like a regular podcast when you subscribe. I'm releasing updates once a week, short stories once a month, and I plan to podcast novels when they're in production. Patreon is where the action is -


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I talk about what I'm doing and the future of the podcast. You also get to hear a little of how Gus met Silas. You can listen to the rest here:

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Here's The Scarlet Albatross on Audible. This is the book that comes after Cowry Catchers. If you haven't listened, you should.

Rish released his first novel recently, called Into the Furnace. It's on Audible here.

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The Cowry Catchers interviews and other meta-content are all free in my online store, guys!

Here's Taking Tricks in my store.

Here's the Patreon, where you can get monthly stories about all my characters.

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I interview Lauren Harris about her narration and recording of The Scarlet Albatross.

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You can get the zip file with all meta-content (outakes and interviews) for free in my digital store. You can buy The Scarlet Albatross audio book from

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